What service does Product Wand provide?

Product Wand is the only platform dropshippers need to build a profitable ecommerce business. As a beginner, it's overwhelming to master all of the necessary pieces to build a successful business. This is why we help you research trending products, create custom video ads, write your landing page copy, research the appropriate audience for your product, and provide you with a high-quality website that is designed to convert and much more.



What's so special about Product Wand products?

Our team of researchers spend thousands of hours scouring the internet for the best products for you to sell. This includes researching the correct audience for your products, writing your copy, creating stunning video ads, sourcing reliable suppliers, and ensuring your website looks remarkable before launch. Your success is our #1 priority.



Can I build a profitable dropshipping business in 30 days?

Yes. We'll provide you with the strategies that we have used to build several profitable dropshipping businesses in days. These selling strategies are working extremely well for us, and it can for you too.



How much does Product Wand's membership cost?

These prices will change in the future. However, our 7-day trial is free, and you will get access to our premium content at that time. Our membership fee is: $10 /month and will increase shortly.



Can I use the video ads for my ad campaigns?

Yes. All custom video ads are for Product Wand members only. They are not watermarked and it does not include our logo. You can use these videos and edit them however you like.



What is your refund policy?

You have full access to our premium content during your 7-day trial. You can cancel anytime during your trial and you will not be billed our membership fee. There will be no refunds for paid subscriptions.



How often are the product list updated?

Our handpicked products are delivered weekly within the Product Wand private group. The product feed is updated as soon as a competitor launches a new product.

Build a Profitable Dropshipping Business in 30-Days or Less – Guaranteed